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When it comes to divorce and family law in general, empathy is all-important when it comes to having a good and productive relationship with your attorney. With more than more than 13 years of helping families get through tough times Mr. Huberty understands what you are going through and how best to guide you along the way.

Every family law case we handle, whether it’s a divorce, a custody contest, or a child support modification, literally becomes a part of our everyday life. Because of that, it is important that we come to know our clients and what goals matter most to them and their loved ones. Having gone through the process himself, Mr. Huberty understands the many frustrations it can entail and strives to make the process as pain-free as it can be.

Divorces and family law cases can last months, and we know the longer it takes, the more stress and emotional damage it can do to a family just trying to move on with a new chapter in their lives. But we also know that it is vital not to rush into a bad settlement agreement. It is our goal to represent you efficiently while maximizing the support we provide you in order to reach a satisfying resolution to your case.

Huberty Law Firm will work for YOU above all else.

We take the time to get to know exactly what our clients want out of their divorce settlement and develop a plan to make it happen. Whether that means going to court for a contested divorce, or helping you work out the details of the divorce through mediation, we do what it takes to get you the most favorable outcome possible.

Very few events effect your life like a Divorce or a Custody Fight.  Divorce can affect your home, your property, your retirement and how you live your life.  A Custody Fight can affect how and when you parent your children and make decisions for them. Do not wait any longer. Start Your Divorce or Family Law Case with Us Now.   Huberty Law Firm will take care of the paperwork and negotiations inherent in divorce and family law cases and take some burden off of you as you deal with other important matters in your life, whatever they may be. Even if you are already divorced or have a custody order in place and need help with amending existing child support, child custody, or spousal support agreements, you don’t need to do these things alone. Call us or contact us online to learn how we can help you.

Are you obligated to pay child support or spousal maintenance and recently suffered a job loss or injury that prevents you from working, or for any other reason not your fault have experienced a reduction in your income? Or perhaps your ex-spouse is cohabiting while collecting alimony? If so, CALL NOW without delay. You are likely entitled to a reduction or elimination of your obligation, but time is of the essence. Do not think you can go back, after the fact, and have your obligation adjusted retroactively. As you wait, the arrears pile up. ACT NOW! Gathering the financial documents and evidence of income and expenses is a laborious process subject to complex, intricate rules of which most have no knowledge and no desire to learn. Let us handle it all for you and apply our knowledge and experience to your advantage.

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