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Have you, a loved one or a friend been charged with a crime or serious traffic offense?  We at Huberty Law Firm understand the fear and anxiety you are experiencing, including as much as anything else, a fear of the unknown.  Now is when you need a steady hand to guide you through the complex criminal process from your initial court appearance through your jury trial and even appeal should it become necessary.  Only an attorney experienced in aggressively defending serious felony cases can give you the best possible opportunity to gain a good result under the circumstances of your particular case.  Whether its having evidence excluded due to an illegal search or seizure, gathering out own evidence through the use of highly competent, experienced investigators, or taking your case to a jury trial, we can ensure you are treated fairly and have your day in court.  Mr. Huberty is experienced in all phases of the criminal process and aggressively defends his clients by putting the State to its strict burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Tenth District Public Defenders is where Mr. Huberty first began practicing criminal law, before he even graduated from law school or passed the bar exam.  There he handled literally hundreds of misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases all the way from beginning to end, gaining valuable experience in the criminal process and zealously defending his clients.  He further honed his criminal litigation skills as an associate of the eminent Minnesota criminal defense attorney William Mauzy with whom Mr. Huberty, acting as co-counsel, defended several high-profile serious felony cases to a successful end.

Mr. Huberty has also represented clients in some high profile criminal appeals.  Appellate practice can be just as intense as trying cases as there is only one day in court to make your argument.  An appellate attorney must have the discipline and work ethic to do the very significant research, writing, and preparation necessary to present an extremely compelling argument to the court.  It may take untold hours to find that one case that becomes the difference in a successful appeal.  Mr. Huberty takes the time to look behind every door and under every rock to fully and faithfully represent his client.  Indeed, there is no area of the law in which he enjoys practicing more than appeals, which makes all of the hours preparing and presenting the client’s case something he relishes.


State v. Joel Blatz, (Mille Lacs County Dist. Court)
A first degree criminal sexual conduct defense arising from the 2003 Minnesota Vikings Arctic Blast weekend at Mille Lacs Lake involving the brother of the chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Mr. Huberty’s efforts, including hours spent on the road with the case investigator, were integral in obtaining a dismissal of all charges, an extremely good and thus  rare result in such cases.

State v. McLeod, (Henn. County Dist. Court)
A criminal sexual conduct prosecution of a prominent Twin Cities pediatrician accused of improper conduct with patients.  Defendant was acquitted after a jury trial.  Mr. Huberty’s representation occurred during the critical pre-trial phase when he and co-counsel obtained a ruling severing the criminal accounts into two separate cases, one per accuser.  This “divide and conquer” strategy was pivotal in obtaining an acquittal when the other accuser was prevented from testifying at trial.

United States v. Augustine Medical, (U.S. Dist. Court)
This case involved the prosecution of Augustine Medical, a medical device company famous for the Bair Hugger surgical blanket and Ranger Fluid Warmer used in hospitals all over the world, and invented by the company’s founder, Dr. Scott Augustine.  He and several officers and directors of the company, including its general counsel, for whom Mr. Huberty was co-counsel.  Under a “joint defense agreement,” Mr. Huberty was part of a team that also included former U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger.  After two months of trial all of the charges were dismissed in exchange for the defendants’ plea to a misdemeanor with no jail time.

State v. Ronald Eibensteiner, (Mower County Dist. Court; Minn. Court of Appeals; Minn. Supreme Court)
Ronald Eibensteiner is the former chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota and stood accused of violating state restrictions against corporations making political donations.  Mr. Huberty’s representation during the appellate phase of the case was a significant contributor to the ultimate acquittal at jury trial.

Mr. Huberty’s representation at both the trial court and appellate court levels has been lauded by several prominent Minnesota attorneys.  He is prepared to bring his skills, knowledge and experience to bear in defending you.

To learn more about how we can help you defend against criminal charges, we invite you to contact us, Huberty Law Firm, online through this web site, or by calling 763-235-3787. We serve clients in Anoka County, Sherburne County, Hennepin County and throughout the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities and beyond.

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